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One of the salient advantages of Pars Imen Daru Consortium is the formation of a research and development group using the most experienced professors in fields such as production and processing of medicinal plants, livestock, poultry, aquaculture, mycology, immunology and formulation of herbal medicines.
Therefore, the products of this company are entirely based on the knowledge of its research and development group and although it is based on the latest scientific achievements in this field, but at the same time it is the result of innovation and technical knowledge of the company and as a result is completely unique.

Pars Imen Daru

Holder of the top FAO producer in 2009 for its efforts in food health and…

Nature serves health

Poultry products, turkeys, ostriches, ornamental poultry

The formulation of these products is to increase the performance of broiler, laying and mother poultry flocks, which are divided into three types of prevention and treatment of respiratory problems, increasing the function of cellular and humoral immune systems and growth stimulants and performance of industrial poultry.

Light and heavy livestock products

The formulation of Pars Imen daru Herbal Medicines is to improve milk production, increase immune function and disease resistance in calves and lambs. These products are also used to prevent mastitis and treat wounds and rashes caused by the Foot-and-mouth virus.

Cold and hydrothermal farmed shrimp and fish products

The formulation of these products is in three categories: increasing the function of the aquatic immune system, growth stimulant and plant antibiotic product.


Production of Varva anti-tick knowledge-based plant product for the production of natural and healthy honey has always been one of the valuable services of this company.


Contains growth stimulants, probiotics, toxin binder, organic wound healing spray, antispasmodic ointment and insect repellent spray.

Includes pet

Formulation of knowledge-based pharmaceutical products with the aim of increasing the resistance of the immune system against viral and bacterial diseases and external antiparasitic product.

Your satisfaction, is our pride

These products are used by the largest and most reputable poultry farms, livestock and production and breeding centers. Public consumer satisfaction has strengthened the initial belief of this consortium that herbal products, if produced in accordance with scientific standards, have the highest effectiveness and are the most suitable alternative to chemical drugs.
In addition, chemical products unfortunately have adverse side effects for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, as well as for end consumers, and leave very adverse effects on the environment. Therefore, in developed countries, the consumption of such products is decreasing every day.

Achieving Green Label using Pars Imen Daru products

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