A product from nature to prevent and treatment of varroa mite bee and other Ectoparasites:
Among the bee pests, varrocide is the most important foreign parasite, which has caused many concerns for beekeepers and causes a lot of damage.
Due to the use of some synthetic chemical toxins to eliminate this pest, the inadequate and incorrect use of these compounds has led to problems that include the presence of toxic residues in bee-based products, the creation of environmental contaminants and emergence of some resistant populations of varrocide, which makes the producers and consumers to be worried.
Directing attention toward this goal, the researchers are trying to discover a substitute with lowest risk and the most effectuality. Lots of studies has been carried out in this area and the results indicate that herbal essential oil has positive influences in the production of honey as a cheaper, more potent substitute and with the least side effects for prevent and treatment .
This product is a mixture of herbal essential oil and brings out the least environmental pollution. Also, repeated and long-term usage of these products don’t creates resistance toward mite and parasite and even in some studies sit is mentioned that using natural compounds such as essential oil can be effective in get rid of parasites and microbes which are resistant to synthetic drugs.
Why some essential oil and natural compounds create less resistance to microbes and pests in comparison with similar synthetic drugs and in some cases even act more powerfully? This problem has engaged the minds of many researchers for many years but at present it seems that the diversity of the active ingredients which exist in herbal essential oil dispossesses the microbe. In other words, even in case of developing the existed resistance, (for example microbe or scabies) one
or more active ingredient, other active compounds which exist in the environment can finally destroy this creature; Also mixture of more active ingredients of essences to be used, the more probable to observe more potent impacts. It is noteworthy that this product which is suggested at consumption level has no harmful aftereffect and even by noting the potent therapeutic and antioxidant impacts of the consumed essential, can provide useful therapeutic properties for the consumer.
Varrocide is a compound which is made up of several essences including thyme, lavender, and other medicinal herbs with a wide extent of active ingredients. Researches which are being carried out indicate that the essence of thyme includes various kinds of active ingredients such as thymol and carvacrol is one of the strongest compounds against varoa mite and has been able to kill one hundred percent of mites in vitro and by increasing the consumption dosage of the essence creates a more powerful response Also, the essence of lavender which is used in this product has shown their anti-parasitic effects.
The present product is designed in a way that by mixing several essential oil and creation of synergistic effects and intensify the final result.
Prevention and treatment the ectoparasites of honeybee (specifically varroa mite)
Therapeutic dosage:
-Every other day for one weeks.
Prevention dosage:
-In the months with low infected; spray every two weeks among bees honeycomb in hiv.
-In the months with high infected; spray every two weeks among bees honeycomb in hiv.
Note that each bottle contains 120 cc of the bottle of solution used for treatment of three hives and it used to prevent six hives from mites and each one-liter bottle of the drug is used for treating twenty five bee hives and for preventing use in fifty beehives.