Pars Udder Cream (PUC)
Mastitis is one of most prevalent diseases of the dairy cows all around the world with significant and heavy costs spent for the treatment approaches. The clinical form of mastitis is generally determined by the inflammation, pain, and warmness of the breast tissue of the animal. The milk in the infected teats may transform or sometimes remains without any significant change. The majority of acute and subclinical mastitis infections occur due to contagious microbes such as Streptococcus agalactiae, Staphylococcus aureus and sometimes fungal pathogens.
The general management strategy following diagnosis of mastitis is administration of an episode of heavy doses of intra-mammary and I.V. antibiotics to suppress the infection. But one significant issue that usually challenges the success of the method is the chronic inflammation, resists long time even after disappearance of pathogens from the breast tissue and milk. Therefore, it is necessary to use an extra therapeutic approach in addition to the classical heavy-dose antibiotic-therapy for resolution of the resistant inflammation.
In this regard, we have introduced a pure natural skin cream with the support of latest advances in scientific researches in the field of herbal medicine for use on the surface of breasts for the treatment of chronic and extensive tissue inflammation during mastitis. Our natural solution is validated in clinical trials and should be accompanied by synthetic antibiotics for the best outcome. The product is made of an intelligent blend of herbal active ingredients with synergistic effects. It contains menthol, calendula and ginger as the main bioactive herbal constituents. In conclusion, our anti-inflammatory cream named PUC has gained its power from an ultra-active formulation comprised of synergistic natural active ingredients such as menthol and caffeic acid. These compounds increase the blood circulation towards the breast tissue leads to the acceleration of the treatment and rapid resolution of the inflammation. Also, the oils present in the cream prevent the cracks and sores on the breasts skin due to
infection-associated hardness and additionally protect the breasts against re-occurrence of the infection and mastitis for long time after application of the cream.
Here is the summary of the results of on-farm tests of application of PUC:
1. In the groups receiving PUC, the pain reactions were low and the stress/unwell feeling was decreased significantly.
2. The hard skin plaques in the cows receiving PUC had been reduced leading to softness of the breast tissue.
3. Edema and skin inflammation in the cattle group receiving PUC is significantly less than non-treated group.
4. The somatic cells count had been significantly decreased in the treatment group in comparison to the control/non-treated group. Counting the somatic cells of the milk is a standardized laboratory method for diagnosing and determining the infection in the breast tissue.
Instructions for use:
After each period of milking, rub a part of the cream on the surface of cow breasts skin (according to the recommendation of the veterinarian)