PI 222 Anesthetic for aquatic animals:
PI222 is a pure herbal medicine. It is a combination of natural compounds such as eugenol, carvacrol, eugenol acetate and some other effective substances. This medicine induces anesthesia in aquatic animals dose-dependantly in which it causes differentially light alleviation at low doses or causes loss of the balance at high doses. Medicinal form: The medicine is supplied in the form of light brown solution within a 30 ml colored bottles. This medicine could be dissolved homogenously in water. Indication: PI222 could be used not only to decrease the stress resulting from transportation, but also for examination and sampling such as bleeding, surgery, sterilizing superficial wound, artificial duplication, decreasing physiological activities during transport and vaccination. Dosage: 30 to 200 mg / lit of water, (depending on type of fish and required degree of anesthesia).