Appetizer, Growth promoter, Immune stimulant & antioxidant. Bioherbal is a pure herbal medicine comprising of aromatic essential oils including Peppermint, Garlic, Cumin, Garden Thyme, Chili and some other herbs. It has been formulated in a manner that its different ingredient can intensify and improve the therapeutic properties. Therapeutic properties: An effective phyto-biotic with herbal ingredients such as Thymol, Carvacrol, and Allicin. Increases the appetite during stressful conditions (disease, vaccination, adverse environmental conditions, same as high temperature, humidity or insufficient ventilation and …) Bioherbal is a natural growth promoter. It is formulated for a better digestion and absorption of the feed in the digestive system and as a result it improves the FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio), production performance, viability, EEF, quality of carcass and durability and shelf life of the eggs and meat. Target animals: It can be used for broilers, pullets, breeders, layers, turkeys and quail diets. Dosage: up to 2 kg per ton of feed.