Anzofin Extra:
It is composed of some medicinal herbs such as the Eucalyptus globulus. Eucalyptus has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, mucolytic and expectorant properties. This drug has a remarkable and extraordinary effect on treatment of bronchitis, influenza, sinus infections and other respiratory diseases. The drug demonstrates a significant and strong antimicrobial effect. Compounds: The main components of anzofin extra are active ingredients of Eucalyptus leaves and some other medicinal plants. Synergism between these herbs can be effective in prevention and treatment of respiratory infections. In addition to 1,8 cineol, other active ingredients are camphene, fenchone and terpineole. Therapeutic effects: Eucalyptus globulus is rich of 1-8 cineoles which is the main component of the plant. Cineole can affect the respiratory system strongly. The essential oils of this herbal drug increases respiratory performance and efficiency. Anzofin extra affects respiratory smooth muscles and causes relaxation and help to expel mucosal and purulent discharge resulted in enhanced breathing. Indication:
• Respiratory infections such as bronchitis, Influenza, sinus infections and other respiratory problems. •Treatment of inflammation of respiratory tract.
• Treatment and prevention of bacterial and pulmonary fungal diseases.
Dosage: Add 250 ml of drug to 250 liters of drinking water and then spray three times a day to reduce symptoms. In more severe cases, add 500 ml of drug tp 250 liters of drinking water and then spray three times a day. Note: It is recommended to use the drug by spraying, but also it can be used orally.