Anzofin EXTRA

Anzofin EXTRA

Anzofin EXTRA

COMPOSITION: Anzofin EXTRA is a natural-based drug that is made up of active ingredients in Eucalyptus globulus, thyme and some other medicinal herbs. The drug is formulated in such a way that its various components empower and enhance the therapeutic effects of each other by a synergistic activity. The most important components in this drug are: 1, 8-Cineole, Camphene, Fenchone and Terpineole.

MECHANISM OF ACTION: 1, 8-Cineole (also called Eucalyptol) belongs to class of chemicals called monoterpenoids. The molecule of Cineole can be easily inserted into the cells, and then by the inhibition of the IκBα molecule, it prevents the transfer and function of an important transcription regulator of the cell; NF-κB p65, resulting in interruption of intracellular inflammation pathways. Many of the genes involved in inflammation pathways are regulated by the NF-κB, including the genes encoding for inflammatory cytokines and mucin. In bronchial epithelial ciliated cells, Cineole acts through blocking the NF-κB pathway and therefore stops the expression of mucin genes which play a key role in the production of mucus polysaccharides, and thus the production of mucus is prohibited. Cineole almost immediately halts immunologic reactions and reduces inflammation, heat and pain in the inflammatory area. Also, since Cineole profits from a small 3D structure with a high tendency to penetrate into the lipids and proteins, its molecule can easily penetrate into the bronchial mucosa, and therefore the molecule breaks the mucosal layers and eliminates the accumulation of mucus within the bronchi. Moreover, Cineole provides an advantageous impact on bronchial smooth muscle cells by inhibition of acetylcholine and calcium pumps which as a consequence induce relaxation of muscle cells, resolution of contraction and disappearance of airways obstruction. Thus, following opening of the bronchi, the respiration undergoes a significant improvement. So, due to its relaxation property, Cineole is also known as a strong natural bronchodilator.

THERAPEUTIC FEATURES: The actives ingredients of the Anzofin EXTRA can directly affect the target cells in the respiratory system and therefore cause a remarkable increase in the performance and efficiency of respiration. Also, the components of the drug can induce relaxation of bronchial muscles and excretion of mucous and secretions from the respiratory tract and ultimately facilitate the respiration. Moreover, since its strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, it has a tremendous effect on the treatment of various types of respiratory infections.

INDICATIONS: It is used to prevent and treat pulmonary inflammation and respiratory infections such as bronchitis, sinusitis, and similar diseases.

TARGET ANIMALS: It can be administered for a variety of birds, including chicken, turkey, quail, partridge, and others.

INSTRUCTIONS TO USE: Add and mix 250 ml of the drug to 50 liters of water and use it for spraying, vaporing and aerosolizing (3 episodes per day, each lasts 8 hours). The drug can also be used in drinking water.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Not to be used in conjunction with drinking vaccines.