Aftofin (reliever, and blister relief, pimples and the entire infective wounds in the skin, lip, mouth, and mucous due to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and the secondary infections.
Foot-and-mouth disease is a viral and highly contagious livestock disease which bears specific significance in terms of its widespread economic damages to the livestock hygiene. This disease is capable of being appeared in the entire tame ruminants such as cow, ox, sheep, and goat and in case of being followed by secondary infections can bring out severe harms.
Clinical symptoms:
Cow and calf:
In cow and the calf this disease is accompanied by high fever, low appetite, depression, listlessness, constant and great amount of saliva drooling, reduction in milk production up to a normal amount, formation of vesicles and blisters on lips, tongue, nostrils, nipples and hoof crown among fingers.
Sheep and goat:
In sheep and goat this disease isn’t as severe as in cow and calf but similar symptoms are observed in cow (such as appearance of small blisters in the areas of hoof and mouth) and the percentage of death toll in the lambs is more than that in the grown-up livestock.
The main treatment method is washing the damages, blisters, and pimples and the lining of the mouth and tongue. Problems related to using the conventional antibiotics such as antimicrobial resistance, environmental problems, side effects and heavy costs, inclination to use natural anti-microbial drugs instead of antibiotics is being sustained.
Aftofin is a one-hundred-percent natural product which is made up of medicinal herbs such as myrtle, and the peppermint which besides having a positive influence on the treatment of the blister and wounds prevents the formation of resistant bacteria.
The anti-bacterial properties of the essential oil and extract of myrtle on pathogen bacteria is reported in many studies.
The anti-bacterial properties of the hydro alcoholic sap of the leaf of green myrtle is observed in some of the pathogenic bacteria specifically Staphylococcus aureus and vibrio cholera. Sap of the leaf of the herb is used in the traditional medicine to wash and disinfect the wounds and has powerful anti-microbial effects against gram_positive, gram_negative microorganisms and fungi.
This drug is used for the relief and treatment of blisters, pimples, and the entire infectious wounds of the skin, lip, mouth and the mucosa such as mucous of the mouth, infections due to viruses (Foot-and-mouth disease), bacteria, fungi, and the secondary infections.
Indication and usage:
Spray on the wound and the place of infection from a proper distance. This is repeated two times a day until complete recovery happens.