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An effective pure organic solution to get rid of Varroa mite, Prevention and treatment of honey bee parasitic disease


A herbal remedy for treatment of infectious bronchitis, Immediately heals and cures the mucosal erosions, A strong anti-inflammatory agent and effective bronchodilator


Carefully herbal formulation to stimulate immune system responses, Effectively activates the cellular immunity


The main strength of Pars Imen Daru consortium is its research and development (R & D) group which is formed by an eminent team of academic experts in the field of herbal medicine, livestock, poultry, aquaculture, mycology and bacteriology. The company’s products are entirely inspired from the power of the nature, developed by standardized scientific methods under strict production principles such as GMP with sophisticated formulations provided by R & D team based on most recent advances and discoveries in the field of nutraceuticals.